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Chapter 248 Real–World Trading crowded grip
“Let me check out genuine quick…”
“Several dollars for any one golden coin? That’s very successful, no?” Yuan explained inside of a surprised voice.
“Allow me to examine true quick…”
“I could open up a different make up you down the road, sibling. But until you have enough cash, I will pay for your costs,” Yu Rou explained.
“Anyways, what should we do now? That banking account is no longer secure, well, i will need to put my hard earned cash some place else.” Yuan requested her a minute after.
“Naturally. How more can you spend on your meal and also other personal requirements? While I’m not wealthy, I had more than enough to help you to.” Yu Rou mentioned.
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‘Because I’m certainly not their child…’ Yuan sighed, emotion a formidable urge to show every little thing to Yu Rou at this moment, but he’d been able to resist these types of urges at the end.
“Eh? Divine-class? Do you really anticipate reselling a value at that class?” Yu Rou viewed him using a surprised expression.
“Anyways, what should perform now? That checking account is not protected, so I should put my cash somewhere else.” Yuan inquired her a minute later on.
“Hmm… Exactly how much are gold bullion coins really worth, anyhow?” Yuan suddenly required.
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If they have one million yellow gold coins, that’s about 7 million dollars in real life!
“You can place the zither inside an online auction marketplace home that has a minimum starting up rate as well as top bidder gets to buy it.”
“Speaking of farming, what level are you presently at right this moment?” Yu Rou suddenly expected.
“Obviously. How in addition will you purchase your meals and other needs? While I’m not rich, I have more than sufficient to assist you.” Yu Rou claimed.
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And she extended, “Let’s say you have a thousand precious metal along with a prize truly worth 1 million precious metal. When you sold the gold coins, you’ll only get 7 zillion. However, in the event you sell off the treasure, individuals will definitely fork out more— at the very least 30 percentage even more. In the end, treasures are more exclusive than yellow gold, so it’s always far better to offer tools and treasures.”
“Should you sell off the Divine-grade zither, you can actually get 50 percent a billion dollars, Sibling Tian! That’s more than enough to compliment yourself for years! Would you like to sell it?” Yu Rou required him.
“S-Since you’re this strong, it shouldn’t be a challenge to be able to generate golden in Farming Internet. Even so, there exists a thing all the more precious than yellow gold, and that is certainly fresh resources and treasures.” Yu Rou then said.
“Top Character Warrior?!?!” Yu Rou’s jaw dropped just after seeing and hearing his thoughts.
“Eh? Divine-class? Do you really intend on selling a cherish at that quality?” Yu Rou viewed him with a surprised phrase.
“A Divine-level instrument… The family members having a songs background is going mad to the. But I’m undecided concerning the price tag since n.o.body system has sold a single thing even near to this standard before…”
All things considered, what happens if the client just logs from the activity immediately after receiving the product without having to pay? Just how do you chase the scammer, considerably less get the products rear? Delay for them to sign rear on and eliminate them?
“Do you find yourself certain?”
‘If the planet recognized of Buddy Tian’s farming, they’d probably go crazy— substantially more than currently…’ Yu Rou considered to themselves.
“Allow me to verify actual quick…”
If he has 1 million rare metal coins, that’s about 7 mil money in real life!
“Indeed. I attained this Divine-class zither immediately after profitable the compet.i.tion, however don’t actually need it, once i currently have another zither.” Yuan stated.
“A Divine-quality instrument… The family members using a music qualifications may go crazy to the. But I’m unclear in regards to the rate since n.o.body has available anything even near to this standard before…”
‘If the entire world was aware of Buddy Tian’s cultivation, they’d probably go crazy— a lot more than currently…’ Yu Rou shown to herself.
“Simply how much would a Divine-quality cherish provide for?” Yuan suddenly inquired.
“What’s the priciest piece that has been offered to date? Xiao Hua offered for sale a Paradise-quality with top quality to the sale home for over 30 thousand precious metal coins ahead of.” Yuan said.
“What’s the costliest thing which has been offered for sale to date? Xiao Hua offered a Heaven-quality with maximum good quality for an public sale house for more than 30 thousand yellow gold coins well before.” Yuan said.
“S-Since you’re this highly effective, it shouldn’t be a difficulty for you to generate precious metal in Cultivation Online. On the other hand, there exists some thing even more precious than yellow gold, and that is certainly raw materials and treasures.” Yu Rou then mentioned.
“Definitely, you can not market an item that important in the standard current market. Having said that, I understand just the location for high-priced treasures— the public auction family home!” Yu Rou explained.
Naturally, what if the customer just logs off the video game right after finding the item without having to pay? How would you chase the scammer, considerably less ensure you get your objects back again? Delay so they can log back again on and wipe out them?

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