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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1221 – Golden Gun freezing utopian
Pace: 94
Toughness: 97
Zhou Wen was happy while he hurriedly picked up the Companion Ovum and decided to hatch out it.
Thank goodness, the next Fantastic Fight G.o.d swiftly showed up. These Great Fight G.o.ds checked identical. They couldn’t feel Zhou Wen in anyway before being wiped out.
Const.i.tution: 80
The Asura Saber in Zhou Wen’s fingers slashed regularly. Since he dodged the dual glowing guns’ firing, he diced up his adversary’s system into several portions, uncovering a great energy source as part of his chest.
‘Killed Terror-standard creature, Wonderful Battle G.o.d Level II.’
Metal Defense: Mythical
Let Me Game in Peace
Accompanying the shrill alert, a body walked out from the doorstep.
Zhou Wen attempted making use of teleportation once more, but he was similarly not able to teleport over. Even spatial teleportation was blocked by some compel.
Prisoners Of Poverty Abroad
Related the shrill burglar alarm, a figure walked right out of the front door.
Essence Electricity: 67
A Terror-level being made an appearance so promptly? Zhou Wen’s sight flashed as his saber persisted accelerating in midair. With Transcendent Flying Immortal, he caught up for the great shield and separated its go into two.
Prior to Zhou Wen could behave, an opening in the bloodstream-tinted avatar’s brain blasted opened. Its brain exploded plus the mobile phone monitor gone dark colored.
A Terror-class being appeared so speedily? Zhou Wen’s vision flashed as his saber persisted accelerating in midair. With Transcendent Traveling Immortal, he trapped for the golden safeguard and break up its mind into two.
The Gold Combat G.o.d here experienced impressive offensive sturdiness and really robust shield. Its quickness wasn’t slow-moving both. It had been deemed a very highly effective Terror-standard dimensional being.
Ability Ability: Accuracy Photographing, Armor-Piercing Bullets, Ridiculous Sweep
An additional Terror-grade! Zhou Wen was overjoyed. He was just worrying about finding a destination to grind numerous Terror animals. The Venusian dungeon was a response to his goals.
the satyricon of petronius arbiter
Among them became a metallic stainless steel Companion Egg cell. Zhou Wen chosen it up.
Mate Variety: Fantastic Firearm Level VI
Durability: 78
Quickness: 71
Tire of Fate: Bullet Hurricane
The Steel Guards that rushed out of the six entry doors originated wave just after influx. Zhou Wen reduced out and huge swaths of Precious metal Guards had been wiped out. The tinkling looks of dimensional crystals falling may very well be noticed.
The Asura Saber in Zhou Wen’s fingers reduced consistently. When he dodged the dual golden guns’ firing, he diced up his adversary’s body into many parts, disclosing a great energy source in his chest area.
Daily life Providence: Stainless steel Life
Essence Vitality: 67

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